How to Replace a Whole House Water Filter

Filter cartridges of your whole house water filter requires changing regularly at specific intervals, based on the kind of source-water that passes through it. If the water entering the filter is highly contaminated, it may get clogged sooner than later. You need to know how to replace a whole house water filter to get it to work again.

Changing the water filter timely will, in fact, enhance the performance. When the water flow becomes weaker or the taste and odor get bad, it may be time to switch to new filters. Let’s get to work!

Advanced Preparation Before You Install Whole House Water Filter Outside

You must understand the prerequisite before you begin to learn how to replace a whole house water filter.

  • Shut off the main water supply to your house and also turn off every water appliance in your house like, sprinkler, dishwasher, clothes washer, etc.
  • Check the model number of water filter housing to fetch the correct replacement cartridges. If your filtration system uses the standard 10 x 4.5 inch filter it may be easy to find a replacement by any common brand
  • Next, you must go get some tools needed to do the job like Filter wrench, Strap wrench, O-Ring (unless you have a valve by-pass that lets the unfiltered water pass through a different channel while you make the replacements
  • It might be prudent to have some rags and a bucket to take care of spilled water
  • PTFE tape may be essential to fix any leakages during the process

How to Replace a Whole House Water Filter

Let’s Get to the Real Work

Now this main step involves removing the older filter, cleaning and tidying up the housing, and attaching the replacement filter into the standpipe within the housing. Let’s see how to change the inline water filter.

Step 1

Turn the valve By-Pass in a direction to allow the flow of water towards the house coming from the main source, while also change the direction of the other two valves that permit the flow of water from the source into the filter system. The 3 valves setup helps isolate the water filter setup from the pipe.

You need to cut off the main water feed and take the O-Ring out of its casing to clean before putting it back. You need to get a new O-Ring if the previous one has gone bad.

Step 2

Opening up the filter housing is the next step to replacement. It may or may not come out easily. You can use a wrench to assist you with this task. Some components have a red button to release the pressure thus making it easier to open the filter canister.

Once you manage to open it up, all you need to do is dispose of the filter, clean the housing thoroughly to get rid of any trapped impurity and place the new filter into the standpipe. You need to be careful at this step so that you place the filter correctly over the filter cartridge.

Step 3

Now screw casing to the cap and make sure that the filter is aligned at the center of the standpipe. Don’t tighten it too much or it might break!

The replacement is done, so you can turn the main water supply back on. But do it gradually and carefully as too much force all at once can dismantle the entire unit.


You have figured out how to change the drinking water filter. Now, give it a go but be careful and test the pressure by pushing the knob and assess the system for leakage. Also, let the water run for a while and get the debris out of the system before you start using and consuming the filtered water.