How to Swing a Golf Club for Beginners | Step by Step Detailed GUIDE

Despite the fact that golf is one of the most elite sports and golf clubs tend to exclude golfers based on their wealth and social status, it’s quite a popular game. Some statistics show that there are around 50 million recreational golfers around the world. Lately, the game has been opening up to different backgrounds and are trying to make the sport less reclusive. However, the codes and regulations that exist, like the attire and etiquette can be exclusive for individuals that don’t have the cultural and economic background. In this article, we are going to present you with some golf tips for beginners. Keep reading if you’re looking to pick up golf and want to learn how to swing a golf club.

How to Play Golf for Dummies

Each round of golf consists of playing a number of holes. The holes are in a given order and each one is played only once. A course layout consists of 18 holes. Any number of people can play, usually, it’s played by a group of 1-4 four people. Typically it takes two hours to play a 9 hole round and around four hours to play an 18 hole round.

There are two ways to play golf, the first one is for the lowest number of strokes by an individual, commonly known as stroke play. Then there is match play, where the players play for the lowest score on the most individual holes by an individual or a team, Stroke play is the more common way to play golf.

To play a hole the player needs to putt a ball into play. This is done by striking the ball with a club on the teeing ground. To do this the player can use a small peg called the tee. After the initial shot is intended there are a few common shots that are used to move the ball.

When the player tries to move the ball a long-distance the shot is called a “drive”. Usually, the player uses a long-shafted, large-headed club wooden called a “driver”. Other clubs are used to play shorter holes, for example, higher numbered wooden or iron clubs. After the ball has stopped moving the player strikes it as many times as necessary for the ball to reach the green and the player “putts” the ball in the hole. This is also known as “sinking the putt” or “holing out”. The goal is to get the ball in the hole with the least number of strokes possible. Different obstacles can affect this, such as grass, branches, trees, water, etc.

How to Swing a Golf Club Step by Step

To play golf you need a variety of golf clubs. The golf club set for beginners should consist of a driver, some fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter. The parts of each club are a shaft with a lance or a “grip” and a club head on the bottom. The lengths and head sizes vary and are used to conquer different lengths. If you have the right types of equipment here are some tips on how to swing a golf club.

  1. Pay attention to your stance

Place one foot slightly ahead of the ball. This will enable the club to rest near the middle of your body and you will have good control over it. The feet should be apart a little wider than your shoulder width. Get closer to the ball and have the middle of the club reach the ball with your arms straight. It is very important not to stand too close to the ball and too far to the ball. Tilt your torso slightly away from the target. At this point, you should slightly bend your knees, so that you get bigger flexibility.

  1. Get a grip on your club

You should not hold the club too tightly so that it can turn when you swing it. This will give you bigger accuracy.

  1. Lift the club and bring it above your head

Move your hands straight back and keep them close to your back leg. Move your arm parallel to the ground. Then rotate your torso back so that the club is slightly behind your hands. This is called the backswing.

  1. Swing the club down and right before you hit the ball try to lock the position of your arm

This is called the downswing. During the swing, you should shift your weight for your back to your front foot.

  1. At the moment of impact have the shaft leaning forward

Use your hips to swing more power into the swing.

During all of these steps keep your eyes on the ball. Keep your eyes on the ball during the backswing, downswing, and follow through.

Golf Swing Technique

Golfers choose their technique according to the distance they try to get the ball through. Golf techniques consist of the right golf club, grip, and stroke. These are the most common ways of how to swing a golf club depending on the distance:

  • “Drive” technique commonly known as “full swing” is a golf swing technique used to reach maximum distance. Typically for the “drive”, the golfer uses a wooden or long iron club.
  • “¾ swing” or “approach” is used for medium and long distance swings where the golfers are preferring accuracy.
  • “Half swing” or the “chip” technique is common for short distance shots near the green. The golfer uses a high-lofted iron club or a wedge. The goal is to lend the ball on the green and allow it to roll towards the hole.
  • The “putt” is used for short distance shots, typically it is made using the “putter” club. It is meant to put the ball in the hole and finish the shot.

Golf Swing Drills

Expert golf players have given some tips and drills about how to swing a golf club to get the maximum off that swing.

The key thing to a good golf swing is the rotation of the torso. One of the drills to perfect this is to concentrate on the backswing and as you interchange it to downswing pause mid-swing and analyze the way your torso is rotating. You should let your arms fall down and keep your back to the target. This way you can easily guide the club to a perfect position to hit the ball. Control of the back muscles is key for a great golf swing.

To practice your putting you should stand about three feet (CCA 1m) from the hole. Then try to hit as many putts as possible. For starters try to putt five balls in a row. As you become more precise you can increase the goal number.

How to Swing a Golf Club for Beginners - Step by Step Detailed GUIDE

This is a very popular way to practice golf swing for beginners. It helps you with eliminating the slicing of the ball. You should put the club headcover between you and the ball and try to swing at the ball without hitting the headcover. Achieving this might take you some time and some technique improvement and will definitely help you stop with the ball slicing.

To improve your swing you should roll up a towel and tie a knot at one end. This will be your golf swing and swinging it will be difficult as the towel is very soft. You will have to swing very slow and steady and learn to control your muscles. After practicing try swinging with a regular glub and try to do it with the same kind of smoothness that you did the towel.

Golf Tips for Beginners

Before learning how to swing a golf club beginners should focus on perfecting their posture. The key is to tilt at your waist and not your hips.

Pay attention to the grip. Try different grips to realize which one suits you best, but keep in mind to always keep the grip relaxed. Do not hold to the club too tight. Focus and try to hit the ball with the middle of the golf club to lift the ball from the ground.

Keep your head down and your eyes locked on the ball through the backswing, downswing and the follow through. This will slim your chances of missing the ball and will enable you to hit it at the right spot to reach the desired distance. Read: Best Protein Powder for Women: The Best Protein Powder Types Review

Don’t use your full strength to swing. Your posture and control of the club are more important in achieving the accuracy and getting the ball the full distance.

Last Words

It is important for beginner golfers to practice before trying their techniques in the golf court. Different training ranges will allow you to feel the club, find the right grip and work on your posture. When you’ve mastered these elements you should start practicing the golf swing. Train long and short distance swings focusing on the posture and rotation of your body. And never forget about the knees. Slightly bending the knees will get you a long way.

Hopefully, these tips for beginners who are looking into learning how to swing a golf club will help you start practicing and improve your game. Even though golf is commonly thought to be a sport for the rich it has been opening up to different audiences and can be very beneficial for your posture, developing your focus and training patience. So don’t hesitate too long, pick up some golf clubs and start working on your game.