How to Tell If a Guy Has a Small Package

Ladies, is it possible to identify a short guy? In most cases, it is difficult to say to a man’s package size without removing his clothes off, especially when the jeans do create some phantom bulge. How to tell if a guy has a small package? If you are interested in becoming a pro in telling if a guy has a small package, here are some essential tips you can always use.

How to Tell If a Guy Has a Small Package

  1. He is Extremely Jealous

This is one of the top ways on how to tell if a guy has a small package.  Is your guy extremely jealous when he sees you with other men or your male friend, family members, cats or dogs?  Some guys do get upset when they see their female counterparts spending time with their friends or family members or even pets. Extreme jealousy or rage is just but talebearer signs that your guy might be suffering from a small package syndrome. You should try dodging a guy with such behavior.

Most males do feel insecure when they have a small sausage as he will most likely be thinking of your urge to have some real penis making him vulnerable as he thinks you are always on the lookout for a sizeable one.

  1. A Generous Giver

Several small men know how to make for their small sausages using their tongue.  Unlike the other guys who will try getting inside your pants, a guy with a little manhood will always take his sweet time. He will never pressure you in engaging in sex, and he will not pull the subtle push in ensuring he gets some dome.  This is another top method on how to tell if a guy has a small package.  Any guy having a tiny tallywacker will never be in any form of a hurry to reveal it. Such guys do take lots of their time in foreplay.  However, such guys are known to be great when it comes to oral sex. They do deliver the tongue in a manner that portrays they might be having lots of experience. Read: How Many Inches Do You Need to Please a Woman? WOW!

  1. Have a Lot of Ego

Try imagining you have come across one of the best guys in the office, at the club, or on POF. He is the prick scumbag, conventional cocky that will always talk about the models on Instagram he is dating, how good his house looks, and does a post of photos on Facebook of the yacht parties he attends.  Such a personality is an accurate indication of a micropenis disorder. For sure, you do know how the egotistical men do respond to a woman’s rejection. You can use this tip to help you know how to tell if a guy has a small package.

The best thing you can do is to try ignoring men with lots of egos. You also need to keep in mind that such men have struggled in their entire lives as they know they are Paedocypris petrogenetic in the ocean of men. Men with small sausages do perfect the art of creating big egos, thereby trying to create the illusion that he is much more valuable than silver when, in reality, he is a stained rock.

  1. Always Arguing that Size Never Matter

Do you still have a guy who always talks about how size is not that important? He will ever argue that it is not the size of the boat but the ocean motion. If you are dating such a guy, then you need to be aware that 99.8 chances out of 100 are that he has an entirely small ding a ling!

If you are dating a guy who always throws you such lies, you need to be on the lookout for some short sausages out of the pants.  Such men try playing their game by brainwashing their women who have never experienced the big penis. They try to hypnotize their women.

How to Tell If a Guy Has a Small Package Quick Tips

  1. Likes to Overcompensate

No man likes having a small sausage. However, there is little they can do when they have it. Spotting an individual who has a short sausage can be done by monitoring how they behave, especially when it comes to compensation. Most of the guys who like trying the small schlongs will, in most cases, overcompensate by trying to do everything. They will always go for the big faced watches, big homes, big chains that hang down, big cowboy hats, big belt buckles, etc.  They look offering significant compensation.  It is ridiculous and can be boring at times. They will always want to provide the biggest steak in a hotel, watch a game on the biggest TV and buy the most prominent iced coffee.

  1. They do Have a Small Feet

I am not sure who ‘they’ refers to, but most people do believe that if a guy does have a little meat, then there is a high chance that they too do have a small beef. Other people also argue that the size of a guy’s hands or nose is also some of the most reliable indicators of having a pecker size.  However, it is a mystery of how such speculations did start in the first place. Does it mean that Goliath was packing much more than David? He was. The fact that one does have smaller feet may or may not say that his meat is little. Most men having large or big feet are known to love presumption since they do know that since their feet are sizeable, there are women who might think that they are swinging.

The size of the foot never matters. For instance, someone having a shoe size of size seven can be packing an 11- inch with someone of size 13.5 shoe having a 4 inch as his weapon. We do hope that we have debunked the myth for you.


We do have some exceptions to these rules. For sure, we do have women out there who do prefer having a small winky, or they never mind the size of the sausage. Although most people do ignore it, it is a fact that the size of a man’s sausage is of great importance to women. Most women do prefer having a lengthy frankfurter when compared to the Vienna sausages. However, there are small guys but do deliver the needed results.  We do hope the above tips will help you know how to tell if a guy has a small package.