How to Tell If a Woman Is Attracted to You | Quick Tips

We all experience attraction towards someone at one point or the other. A man may be discreet about it but a woman won’t express this verbally. Instead, she gives obvious signals and waits for you to catch up on those hints. If you’re wondering how to tell if a woman is attracted to you, sit back and read some signs below.

How to Tell If a Woman Is Attracted to You

  • She keeps the conversation going

A woman who likes you will try to speak with you for as long as possible. She enjoys conversations with you. Whether it’s to come up with questions, news or some interesting information to discuss, she will lengthen the amount of time you spend together.

  • She plays with her necklace

This is another way for how to know if a woman is attracted to you. A woman loves to be coy and feminine when she’s attracted to a masculine man. She wants to show how submissive she can be. Playing with her necklace is a subtle way to do this. She may look down at intervals if she is a bit shy too.

  • She dresses up for you

A woman dresses to look good but when she loves you, she does it for you. She may ask what you like in women and she tries wearing colors you like. She may ask if you like her outfit and she does this to impress you and hopes that you notice how attracted she is to you.

  • She follows you on social media

A woman who likes you will want to find out about your interests. Social media helps her do just that. She will ask for your twitter handle, Facebook or Instagram username. This is an opportunity to learn more about you without asking you directly. She follows you and chats with you often. You may notice it doesn’t take long before she replies to your messages.

How to Tell If a Woman Is Attracted to You Quick Tips

  • She touches you slightly

In case you’re still confused about how to tell if a woman is attracted to you, here’s a sure signal. The moment she begins to lean on you, she’s attracted and wants to get closer. A woman doesn’t necessarily feel free with a man she doesn’t care about. She may laugh at your jokes and hit you playfully. The more often this happens, the more convinced you should be that she is attracted to you. Read: How to Know If a Girl Likes You | 20+ Signs That a Girl Likes You

  • She likes your friends

A woman who acts nice and friendly to your friends wants to win you over. She hopes your friends can suggest the both of you date each other. She tries to be cool with everyone you spend time with and she smiles with them and enjoys their company too.