How to Tell If Your Ex Doesn’t Want You Back | Quick Tips

Whether it was relationship evolved over years of romance or just summer, love a breakup can leave you devastated and heartbroken. One might lose the will to experience the goodness around. Heartbreaks hold the capacity to taint your vision and shatter almost everything about. However, hard things were between the couple; there is always a part of you hoping to get back where it belonged. If you are curious how to tell if your ex doesn’t want you again don’t worry, we have got you covered.

How to Tell If Your Ex Doesn’t Want You Back

  • Relationship Dilemma

It’s difficult to move on from a lovely relationship and even so if it’s the only bond you cherish the most in your life. Sometimes people tend to take a quick call, and things fall apart. Trying to get back requires interest from both sides. Fear and uncertainty consume you preventing your quest for true love. It’s essential to know if it’s worth the wait or should you gather and move ahead like a true warrior in search of beautiful things life has planned for you.

  • The End Chapter

There are several ways things could end it could a cold shoulder, blame game, trust issues, cheating partner or irreparable damage. Break up often whirls up an array of emotions, thoughts and feelings. Try to steer clear of your thoughts and figure out the reason why things ended. If it’s because your ex says “it’s me not you” then it’s a closed-loop and almost futile to try getting back together.

  • No Response

Communication holds the key to a healthy relationship. If you ex has blocked you or ignores your messages, calls or emails. Take it as a clear indication of a dead end. Read: How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast | 5 Simple Tips

How To Tell If Your Ex Doesn’t Want You Back

  • He/She Encourages You To Move On

How does your ex react post break up can signal a lot about how he/she feels. If your ex genuinely wants you to move on and find happiness elsewhere that’s your cue to know he has already moved on and probably on the lookout for a next date. Read: How to Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed with You | 5 Quick Tips

  • What’s Your Next Move

Pinning for someone who doesn’t want you is your route to disaster. Rather than rolling your self in self-pity or trapping yourself in an imaginary world of favourable outcome focus on your future. Try to enroll for new courses or embark on a new journey. Celebrate your life with friends and loved ones. Gift yourself clarity of thoughts and wear your heart on sleeves. Life is all about diving in and exploring you never know what density has planned for you.