How to Text a Girl You Just Met | A Couple Quick Tips

You probably just met this girl either physically or online. You want to start a conversation with her but have no clue how to text a girl you just met. This is perfectly normal. You should feel anxious because you don’t know her yet. However, there are a few tips to guide you on how to text a girl you just met.

How to Text a Girl You Just Met

  • Be casual

Since you basically don’t know what her reactions will be, you have to keep it low. Try to be as casual as possible. Imagine she’s your sister or a good friend. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your sister. This way you keep it clean and comfortable. Starting off with flirty texts sends the worst signals to her. Read: How to Know If a Shy Girl Likes You | 4 Most Obvious Signs

  • Keep it exciting

Part of how to text a girl you just met is to amuse her. This isn’t called funny. Being exciting involves you bringing a good and positive vibe. If your texts are boring and so mundane, she is likely to keep it hanging. Every girl prefers to engage in an exciting conversation with a cool guy than some other negative guy who whines about everything.

  • Short and sweet

You don’t have to force the duration of your conversation. You’ve got things to do likewise her. Keeping it short and sweet gives her something to look forward to. If your discussion was captivating enough, she’ll want you to text her again. So you shouldn’t feel pressured to text her after some hours. Just do it at your own pace. Read: How to Tell If a Woman Is Attracted to You | Quick Tips

How to Text a Girl You Just Met

  • Mirror her texting style

Everyone has a texting style. Some people love to give explanations in full. For example, if you ask how her day went, she may tell you a detailed rundown of the day’s events. Some females do not do this and will only respond to telling you how hectic the day was. Mirroring her texting style helps you understand how she loves to text because there’s a possibility that she loves conversations in such a manner.

  • Don’t do it every day

This serves as a bit of caution. You should not be texting a girl inappropriately. You may be trying to show care by messaging her morning, afternoon and night. She won’t really like it. Ever noticed why females are drawn to the mysterious and nonchalant guy? It’s because the guy only texts once a week. Once you begin to shower her with too much attention, chances are she will get tired of it.