Lower Back Pain Left Side Above Buttocks

People these days face several health issues due to the unhealthy lifestyle that they follow. Back pain is one of them, and lower back pain is the most common one in them. Some people experience lower back pain, left side above buttocks. This is very disturbing and can cause a number of issues in your daily life. It will become a hurdle in your work, and you will not be able to perform up to your full potential.

Lower Back Pain Left Side Above Buttocks

Several factors could lead to lower back pain left side above buttocks. Some of them are not that harmful, but some are very serious that it becomes crucial to treat it on time. The most common causes are:

  • Herniated Disk
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Spinal Tumors
  • Injury
  • Infection

Well, these are the most common causes of the lower back pain left side above buttocks. Other then these, another common factor could be keeping a fat wallet in the back pocket of your pants. It puts constant pressure on your back, and as a result, your back, leg, or hip may get affected adversely. This is also a common factor; however, most of the people face problems with their back due to an injury. It is very common to get your back injured. The spinal cord in humans is very delicate and in fact, can be damaged very easily. No matter whatever the reason be, it needs to be treated.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

There are several methods for lower back pain treatment. You can try some methods at home in the initial stages, but if the pain continues, you should consult a physiotherapist. To get lower back pain relief, you can try the following methods:


Consulting a physiotherapist is the first thing that you should do if home remedies don’t work. You will have to attend a few sessions of exercise. The duration and frequency of the sessions depend on the damage done to your back. If you ever face such issues, consult a physiotherapist.

Lower Back Pain Stretches

You can try stretching to get lower back pain relief. Knee to chest stretch, seated spinal twist, and the child’s pose are some of the most common ones that you can try at home.


If nothing works for you, surgery might be the only option left. Well, it is the last option, but it will help you get rid of the problem permanently.

Lower Back Pain Left Side Above Buttocks | 3 Quick Tips

There are several other methods that you can try. Massage, yoga, acupuncture, and chiropractor care are some to name a few. But, no matter what, stay away from pain killers. Also, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and you will not face such problems in the first place.