New Things to Try in Bed with Your Boyfriend | 6 Quick Tips

Every relationship gets to a point where the sex life becomes boring. The sex becomes predictable and activities in the bedroom tend to be a routine. As a woman, you may be curious about new things to try in bed with your boyfriend. These are some examples of how you can spice up your sex life.

6 New Things to Try in Bed with Your Boyfriend This Night:

  • Wear sexy clothes

It’s important to note that men are visual creatures. A man loves to see his woman in beautiful outfits. You can buy hot lingerie to get him so hot for you. This is very simple and can make all the difference. Wearing sexy clothes makes you feel sexy and more confident in bed. Read: How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You? | 4 Easy and Quick Tips

  • Seduce him slowly

Being a seductress is all about patience, fun, and creativity. You should know what he likes best and how he likes it. This is all about prolonging the process. You give him a little then, pull back causing him to plead for more. You could striptease with his hands tied so he won’t be able to touch your body.

  • Try new positions

Sex helps to strengthen the bond in a relationship. However, when you stick with the same positions over time, the passion gets lessened. Most people only try out the missionary position in bed. This is very wrong when there are new things to try in bed with your boyfriend. It’s all about exploring each other’s bodies. You can spice it up with positions like doggy style, scissors, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and a lot more.

  • Give him a body massage

There’s something very sensual about full-body massages. Both you and your partner will get so turned on. Using some essential oils also help to heighten the pleasure. His skin would feel very sensual for both of you. Chances are you may not finish the massage before you get down with him. Read: How to Make a Man Obsessed with You | 5 Psychology Tips

  • Be good at oral sex

The power of oral sex cannot be underemphasized. Every man craves to be given crazy oral action by his woman. Your mouth can do wonders to his body if you put it to use. Kisses are important. You can run wet kisses all over him. Touch his erogenous zones slowly. Give him a sexy blowjob and deepthroat if you can. He will love it.

New Things to Try in Bed with Your Boyfriend 6 Quick Tips

  • Enjoy porn with him

When searching for new things to try in bed with your boyfriend, don’t forget porn. Everyone knows how men enjoy porn so much. Women also like porn too. It’s a good way to get horny and really in the mood for sex. Ever tried watching porn with your boyfriend? If you haven’t tried yet, you should do it tonight. It helps to kickstart the fun in bed.