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The word ‘fap’, if you are not aware, means to masturbate and it is mainly used for males. NoFap is a world-renowned challenge that came into being years ago. The people taking this challenge are supposed to keep away from pornography and masturbation for a set period of time. This challenge exists to help people fight porn and fap addiction, which is a serious problem among a large percentage of men. Not only that but not masturbating aka semen retention has numerous other health benefits. Below are a few of these NoFap benefits to enlighten you.

5 Most Impressive NoFap Benefits:

  • Improved Testosterone Levels

One stretch of the NoFap challenge usually lasts for 90 days. That’s because your neurons rewire in 90 days and you form new long-lasting habits. However, you don’t have to wait that long to start observing NoFap benefits. Studies show that there is a whopping 45% increase in your testosterone levels within just 1-2 weeks of practising semen retention. More testosterone means better sexual health.

  • Increased Libido

If you have been experiencing a dip in your sexual desire, NoFap is the way to go. There can be various reasons at the root of your low libido. But it has been proven that NoFap benefits your drive if you quit indulging in meaningless porn and masturbation for a while.

  • Better Control

Too much porn can lead to the weakening of your self-control. The whole NoFap experience can leave you stronger since you learn to fight your urges when you quit pornography. Every time you say no to your superficial sexual need, you win.

NoFap Benefits | PMO Free Experience | Life Without Porn

  • Stronger Hair

One of the visually appealing semen retention benefits is stronger hair and nails. Physiologically, the semen contains abundant amounts of a protein called keratin. Keratin nourishes the tissues of your hair and nails. So when you choose to take a break from ejaculating that semen, all the keratin goodness gets reabsorbed into your body.

  • Greater Stamina

With NoFap you can still indulge in sexual activity and have orgasms without actually ejaculating. As you learn to do this, you will start to feel newfound energy and stamina in your body. You would be able to last longer under the sheets. This is one of the most appreciated NoFap superpowers of all.

The above mentioned NoFap benefits are things that almost all men want. If you feel that your sexual health is not up to the mark, trying NoFap for a couple of months can turn out to be a great idea.