Power Quadrant System Review | Must Read Before Buying

Have you often tried to make an important career move but the timing was off? Do you often feel that your less talented and lazier colleagues are winning the rat race? Do you feel that money never comes in when you need it and when it does come in it does not last? All in all, do you feel you need more control over your life? This question took us to a very interesting journey. Something we felt was powerful enough to change the course of your life. I decided to do a Power Quadrant System review.

The Power Quadrant System, What is it?

While there was skepticism at first, as we went along with the Power Quadrant System review, I could see it’s potential quickly.  It provides the key to unlocking the limitless potential present in your very own DNA. The system is based on an ancient calendar that was lost over 1700 years ago when Roman’s introduced the new calendar that we use today. A calendar brimming with deadlines when what most of us need are lifelines.

The Power Quadrant System is the only code you need to know and rest all will fall in place. The secret is coded into this ancient calendar. When used correctly, this ‘magical’ code will unlock the potential within your DNA. We are a part of this endless universe and if the right calculations from this calendar are applied to our lives, we become in sync with the universe itself. It helps discover the most suited career and life choices as a whole for an individual based upon their very DNA. A truly universal and customisable solution at the same time. During the Power Quadrant System review I realized if followed diligently, it’s basically puts you on a “Right decision at the right time” path forever.

No product is impervious to criticism. The Power Quadrant System review would be disingenuous if we did not reveal both sides of the coin.


  • Well researched with an in-depth understanding of a lost key to success and the potential within
  • A very short and concise audiobook version that is under an hour. 
  • Helps you look at your career and life from a new perspective while giving you a way out of the professional rut that you are stuck in
  • Very affordable with a 100% money-back guarantee if does not deliver on what’s expected of it
  • The Power Quadrant System PDF is easy to grasp and you can access it on any screen. It provides you the power of change on the go.


  • The System is not entirely based on what is perceived as scientific by today’s standard
  • Created on a trial and error system and tweaked on the experiences of the authors and participants
  • Is the Power Quadrant System legitimate or not? In a gist, it is action-oriented. Small and effective steps. Works for those who are ready to take those small steps for giant leaps in life and career.

How Does the Program Work?

The Power Quadrant System review was unlike any other. The process took me on a self-realisation journey. We are all on a journey that we hope will lead to success, prosperity and harmony. The power quadrant system starts at the most important goal, your destination. Questions that most of us avoid and problems that we power through and just accept as ‘life’. Are you in the right career? Are you married to the love of your life? It helps you find the right destination.

Once you have your destination calculated based on the predisposition of quality and personality, comes the next step. You are heading to the same destination as many others. But there is only so much space at the top. With the help of the system, you will be able to recalibrate the route and negotiate the traffic and get to your destination ahead of the competition.

The journey of life will always have co-passengers. Your partner, co-workers, friends, children and the list goes on. With the system’s guidance, you will be able to choose the right kind of life partner. You can also resolve conflicts with the existing partner and sync up your success trajectory for a ‘smooth ride’. What kind of personality types to befriend, support and most importantly avoid?

What puts most of us at unrest is the uncertainty of the future and nothing personifies our future like our children. We are often worried and obsess about the choices we make for our children. Often influenced by social norms and even unsolicited advice from other parents. Pushing our kids into things that are great on paper but a horrible fit for them as a person. With the Power Quadrant System, you can unlock the DNA potential of your children and nudge them in the right direction. A direction of success. A comprehensive way to bring all aspects of your life in sync on the same calendar of success.


Real Life Legends Club

The Power Quadrant System will grant you access to one such place. Now that you know about The Power Quadrant System, hear about it from some of the most successful people who have used it themselves. Thinker and authors like Rhonda Byrne The Secret, Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad, Dr. Stephen Covey 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People and many morePeople who have spent a lifetime helping others turn their lives around. Read: Manifestation Magic Review | Must Read THIS Before Buying

One-Time free access to the invaluable testimony and the unparalleled knowledge of 46 such great personalities. Access that will strengthen your belief in The Power Quadrant System and your perspective towards life as a whole.


Adding to all this life-changing experience and access you also get 2 books absolutely free. Change your mind, change your life, a book that will help you realize that the potential to change is all bundled up within, waiting to be released. The second book is Action plan, aptly titled book that helps you see a clear path to put your plans into action.

Power Quadrant System Review Must Read Before Buying 2020

About The Author

It installs a lot of confidence in a system when the proponents of a system are beneficiaries of the system themselves. The experiences of the authors with the system was very vital to the Power Quadrant System review. The authors Ric and Liz are also the publishers of the wildly successful magazine, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.  But life was not always in this upwards trajectory for them. Their business was struggling with financial uncertainty. This also pushed their personal lives into a similar realm of uncertainty.

Their life was full of struggles until they found out about the ancient Mayan calendar. A calendar that was etched into a stone tablet that was discovered again in the 1600s. It is this knowledge that helped them realize that everything was out of order because we were all operating on the wrong calendar. A calendar that has warped our larger internal clock.

The more they researched and experimented with the more they realize how logical it was. So much so that it can help unlock the code within our DNA. A science that many believe to be a recent discovery. The DNA carries the secret to our past. Thus, not surprisingly, the key to our future.

After 10 years of research and testing on themselves and others, Ric and Liz created the Power Quadrant System. A system that they have made affordable and accessible to people.

My Thoughts

The Power Quadrant System was refreshing change from all the ‘hocus pocus’ out there. It is a complex system that has been simplified by Ric and Liz so that the average Joe can use and apply it. Like most systems out there it is not perfect. Some parts were a total miss for me. While there were others where it felt like authored were talking directly to me. Like they have had a peek into my life and problems. Some of it so precise that it could feel like you have a one on one session with authors. 

As I pointed out, some of it was just a hit and a miss. The Power Quadrant System complains are mostly from those who don’t understand the degree of science involved.  But I would not be too much in a hurry to dismiss it. As far as I understand, what does not apply to me might be exactly the answers that someone else is seeking. Surely there is a lot to learn for anyone who adopt The Power Quadrant System.

The Power Quadrant System, Scam or Legitimate?

There is no end to skepticism. There are also other versions of the calendar theory as mentioned by the authors themselves. Some of these people have not understood the calendar or the secret that lies within. Then there are those who have half-baked knowledge that they are putting out in the world making things worse for people. Lastly, there are those who have understood the calendar, used it themselves but just don’t know how to communicate it to the world.

This is where The Power Quadrant System by Ric and Liz come into play. A proper understanding of the calendar structured in such a way that it is both palatable and implementable by most people. A system created specifically to educate and empower the ‘common folks’ into taking control of their lives. Unleashing the potential within the DNA in a timely and organised manner. The bonus access to Real Life Legends Club and the 2 books are definitely worth buying the program.