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Questions to Keep a Conversation Going | Quick Tips

Have you ever struggled with a conversation? Even the best conversationalists also run out of what to say at certain times. There are questions to keep a conversation going smoothly. You wouldn’t want to come off as boring or make the whole situation seem uncomfortable. Besides, people love to make friends with whoever that can always bring new things to talk about. They may be as clueless as you are but you can show off to your friends how great you are at conversations. Below are some questions to keep a conversation going.

Questions to Keep a Conversation Going

  • What is your favorite book, movie or TV show?

Everyone has a favorite pastime so they will always have something to say about it.  Your friend can tell you about the person the movies they’ve watched.  It’s easy for them to tell you the stories they’ve read or watched as these tend to stick to memory. You can ask what genres they resonate with the most. If you like, you can ask for recommendations about what the author’s books to read or which latest movie that you need to see.

  • How do you love to spend your vacation?

Ask how they feel about travelling. Some people love to travel at every given opportunity while some are not so keen about it. Where does your friend love to travel to? Where has he or she been to before? What’s their worst or best travel moments? What do they love to do while on a vacation? What activities do they look forward to trying out? What do they think about snowboarding, skiing, skating, mountain biking and wildlife reserves?

  • What’s your favorite subject in school?

Although the majority don’t fancy school and the inconvenience that accompanies the tactical subjects, we still have one or two subjects which we tend to enjoy. It could be because of how the teacher presented each topic or because you feel it’s easy to understand. Everyone sure has a favorite subject whose lessons they always look forward to. Read: How to Start a Conversation with a Girl Online | 6 Quick Tips

Questions to Keep a Conversation Going Quick Tips

  • What animals do you like?

Everyone admired some sort of animal. It could be a domestic animal that they wish to keep as a pet. You can why they love the animal or if they know anyone who keeps such as a pet. These are examples of questions to keep the conversation going.  If they like a wild animal, ask if they had seen it before at a zoo or game reserve.  Sometimes it may be an amazing animal that they saw online or on TV.