Race Horse Breeds: 15 Best Horse Breeds for Racing

Some race horse breeds have been developed for the competition and in the following article, we tell you which are the main race horse breeds that exist. We also put at your disposal all the information necessary to understand this sport and other important details such as race horse breeds, which attracts millions of people around the world.

History of Race Horses

Competitions with race horse breeds have a long history since traces of races have been found in ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Rome, among others. Legends and myths also feature narratives related to racehorses, as is the case of steeds ridden by the gods when they went into divine war.

The Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines practiced a very popular sport: the chariot races, discipline that was present in the Olympic Games since 648 BC and in the Panhellenic Games. A little closer in time – between the XV and XIX centuries – the spring carnival in Rome was finished after the horse races. Of course, in North Africa, today the Middle East, these animals have always been very prominent and employed for various tasks, including of course racing.

Since ancient times competitions with race horse breeds are considered sports of kings, aristocrats, and nobles. With the passage of time, the riders have been improving their techniques and at present, the races are successful all over the world.

Types of Horse Races

There are different types of equestrian races: flat (where the track is straight or oval), with obstacles (popular in the UK), harnesses or resistance, with distances ranging between 40 and 160 kilometers. And the type of race horse breeds suitable for these races differs as well. And to learn how to identify horse breeds, there are rules to follow. According to the rules of competition, the riders choose one or other race horse breeds. The main and most popular race horse breeds among racing enthusiasts are the following best horse breed.

Common Horse Breeds For Racing:

  • Andalusian

Its origin is purely Spanish, hence it is also recognized with the name of the Spanish horse.
Its presence in the peninsula is calculated from the time of the Romans. Almost certainly this Spanish horse was mixed with Berber and Arabic, at the time when the Arabs dominated Spain. This mixture made the heavy horse get the elegance and bearing that is known today. During the sixteenth century, it spread to the royal cities throughout Europe, also participating in the formation of different races such as the Lipizzan.

  • Quarter Mile

The Quarter is one of the race horse breeds that brings the genetics of an athletic horse, very well balanced in its characteristics of height, length, and depth. It is a band formed by the English Thoroughbreds, horses brought to the United States during the English colony in America during the seventeenth century, and the Mustang americano, wild horse descended from the horses brought by the Spaniards in the American conquest a previous century.

Qualified veterinarians and known breeders worldwide have not hesitated to ensure that the race horse breeds “Quarter Mile”, the best equestrian athlete. It combines the blood of the Pure English Blood and the wild Mustang. Raised by the American “cowboys” since the eighteenth century, is considered the most versatile horse in the world.

  • Arab

What makes this race horse breeds unusual is the constitution of a skeleton that has 17 ribs, 5 lumbar bones, and 16 caudal vertebrae, unlike other race horse breeds. This breed appears about 3,000 years ago. And is one of the oldest among equines. The first was captured in Yemen by Baz, great-great-grandson of Noah.

  • Friesian

The calm temperament and its presence make the Friesian perfect race horse breeds for certain races. He is a descendant of the archaic horse of the forests of Northern Europe, raised mainly in Frize, to the north of the low countries. He has also been employed in the circus as a result of his black hair, his majesty, and his impressive size. Formerly the German war horse, which has been improved by various crosses, especially with Andalusian horses. The places where it is most appreciated is in Holland and Belgium.

  • Aztec

The creation of the Aztec race horse breeds began in 1969 in Mexico, in the region of the Valley of Mexico to be used cowboys of that country, who appreciate it precisely for its high elevation, speed, strength, proper temperament, nobility, and good print. It is a relatively new race but well conformed; the Aztec race has blood and a quarter of a mile, forming a good image, special airs, strength, and versatility. His appearance was not encouraging at the beginning but was greatly improved by crosses. Today he is acquiring great popularity and is being raised in Canada, the United States (where he is also called half-Andalusian), Central and South America.

  • Criollo

It was the Spanish race horse breeds (particularly the Andalusians), the Portuguese and the Arabs that transmitted their blood and their main morphological characteristics to the Criollo race. For four centuries, the Criollo race been to the environ of the large areas of grassland in South America, which are pretty harsh conditions. This unique development to the living conditions of the environment, allowed it to develop its great qualities of resistance to diseases and injury.

The Indians, in the first place, the cowboys later, made the Criollos their means of transport, their hunting or work companion and their playmate. Since then, the Criollo has always been the horse race breeds for cowboys to handle cattle work.

  • Purebred

In Britain, the Thoroughbred horse race breeds are prized as an example of racing. There are all kinds of races that are dedicated to this type of competition, although in racetracks Purebred horses are the real and main winners. The first racetrack was built in England, where the first rules and prizes of this sport were established. So it is no wonder that this is one of the horse race breeds that are very popular.

Race Horse Breeds: 15 Best Horse Breeds for Racing | Best Race Horses

  • Palomino

This horse race breeds introduced in America by the Spaniards at the time of the conquest. Currently, we find this color in several races and American types. The name Palomino is known as Isabelino in Spain, as a result of the Queen Castiza Isabel II, who encouraged the breeding of horses with it. Its also recognized that a Spanish knight Juan de Palomino who received from Hernan Cortes a horse of this breed. Palomino derives from a variety of white Spanish grape, however whatever the origin of the name It is a fact that color is extraordinarily attractive amongst horse race breeds.

  • Mustang

The Mustang has given rise to innumerable North American race horse breeds, they have the characteristics of the Spanish horses especially regarding the color. The name of this breed is derived from the Spanish “mesteño“, which is related to the herds of wild horses of the West of North America since it was the mount of the Indians red skins, as well as one of the white Americans in preference to the criollos from the south of the continent.

  • Percheron

It’s originally from the hills of Perche, France. Its most influential line of horse race breeds that come from the crossing with Arabic, descendants of Gallipoli and Godolphin. The most famous of the Percherons is undoubtedly Jean Le Blanc, born in 1830. Today stands out for being powerful, versatile, agile movements, with bearing and strength. It is also characterized as a heavy breed. His step is elegant, low and elongated. His physical qualities are exceptional.

Selected in France in the middle of the 18th century, it was used as a war horse and farm horse, it was also used as a saddle and shooting horse at the end of the 19th century. Its export has reached Japan and the United States.

Some of the Best Racing Horses:

Horse racing is undoubtedly exciting. Pure spectacle in all senses, which raises emotions and hooks everyone who decides to witness them. This may be the main reason that this type of event has grown in popularity since its inception several years ago. However, as we have said, it is a spectacle in itself, and every show has some famous well-known horses. In this case, it is clear who they are, and then we are going to introduce you to the best racehorses in history.

Surely some of the horses that we will mention are familiar to them and they will even know a lot of their lives since some of them have become relevant characters. And they are part of horse racing facts that are generally known. These are some famous horse races.

  • Phar Lap

You could say that we are facing one of the most famous horses, not only in the field of racing but in all aspects. It is one of the most representative animals of Australia and New Zealand. They called him the “Big Red”, a name that alluded to his powerful physical qualities: endurance, strength, great height, and a devilish speed. All this added to its chestnut fur.

Paradoxically, his debut as a racing horse was not the best possible, since he was the bottom in the first race in which he participated. But as the saying goes, “it’s not how it starts, but how it ends”. After a not very good start, his performances were improving considerably, to the point of winning absolutely everything at the end of the twenties.

His importance was such that he had to endure even to assassination attempts by people close to the betting. The end of his story came on April 5, 1932, when he had a rather strange death when he was participating in competitions in the Americas. Many believed that his death was caused by poisoning.

  • John Henry

When speaking of sport horses in the United States, the name of John Henry, a pureblood who marked an era thanks to his important achievements in the eighties, always jumps to the fore. Among all his achievements, we must highlight the achievement of the award as Horse of the Year in 1981 and 1985, and the five occasions in which he could be proclaimed as a Major Champion in the United States. He won 39 victories out of the 83 that he played, something that meant some amounts and generous economic gains.

His retirement came on June 21, 1985, caused by an important and fortuitous injury in one of his tendons that prevented him from continuing to perform at the level required of a horse of his characteristics.

John Henry - Race Horse Breeds 15 Best Horse Breeds for Racing Best Race Horses

  • Barbarian

Sport is not easy. Luck is not always favorable and there are times when you are at the top, your career is truncated by a real misfortune. This was the situation of Bárbaro, one of the biggest sensations of racetracks of purebred American horse racing in the early 2000s.

After winning the title in the Kentucky Derby in 2006, he headed to Preakness Stakes looking to expand his track record. But far from the glory, what he found was a serious fracture in his right leg that prevented him from participating. Subsequently, had to undergo several operations in order to avoid the fate that awaits all horses suffering from this type of injury: death by sacrifice. Unfortunately, the surgeries were not successful and did not save his life, and days later he had to be sacrificed against the will of many. An authentic tragedy for one of the most promising horses of that time.

  • Secretariat

Secretariat was one of the horses that marked a before and after. Already in his beginnings, in which he won 7 of the 9 races in which he competed and was nominated for Horse of the Year, he foreshadowed that he was a special and unique animal.

His progression was astronomical, and in 1973 he was proclaimed the winner of the Triple Crown of the United States, a historical fact since they had spent nothing more and nothing less than 25 years since the last time such a feat was done. Another record that he was able to beat took place in Belmont, where he took the crown in six of the nine races in which he participated. At the end of that same year, he was retired to become a stallion.

As a curiosity, we highlight two facts about Secretariat. The first of them is because he had a heart twice as big as any normal horse, which made him wonder. The other is that he was voted one of the best athletes in the United States, ranking number 35 on the list. These are, in our opinion, the best race horse breeds and horses in history.

What breed are race horses?

When it comes to the breed of the race horses, it is difficult to name only one because there are several kinds of breeds of horses that are used in a race. However, there are some breeds that are most common among racing horses and some of them are Thoroughbred, Quarter horse, Standardbred horses, Paint horse, and Appaloosa. But, the list doesn’t end here are there are a lot of other breeds that are common in the world of racing.

If you want to choose a horse for racing, you should know that breed does matter but it is not the only factor involved. The coordination of the horse with the person riding it is also very important.

What horse breed is the smartest?

Horses are smart animals and even if they can’t understand our language, they sure can understand what we want them to do. It won’t be fair to compare them to other animals but among themselves, some breeds are smarter than others. Thoroughbred is considered to be the smartest among horse breed and a lot of people across the world agree to that. A horse named Lukas is an example of how smart this breed is and it is considered to be the smartest horse in the world. However, this doesn’t mean all horses of this breed are smarter than others.

What are the 4 major horse races?

There are a lot of different races of horses that are famous in the entire world. But, when it comes to the best ones, there are some names that come on top and they are more intense than others. The four major horse races are the Kentucky Derby, Dubai World Cup, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, and Breeders’ Cup Classic.

These are some of the biggest platforms in horse races. All these are major horse races and these are popular in the entire world.

What are the fastest horse breeds?

Horses are one of the fastest animals on earth. Since they are friendly with humans, we use them in races as well. But, when it comes to choosing the fastest among themselves, there are a few names that come on top. The first name that comes to mind while talking about the fastest horse breeds is Thoroughbreds.

Moreover, Arabian horses are one of the fastest horse breeds on this planet. Appaloosa and Friesian are also in the list of the fastest horse breeds.

What is the best horse for racing?

When it comes to choosing a horse for racing, one of the biggest factors that you have to keep in mind is how fast the horse is. But, speed is not all you need to keep in mind. There are some other factors that you should look for. Coordination with the horse is also very important in a race and you will need a horse that is smart as well.

A large number of people consider Thoroughbreds as the best horse breed for racing. However, it is not the only racing breed. The best horse for racing is one that is fast and at the same time is smart enough to follow the instructions of the rider.

Do horses miss their owners?

Yes, horses do miss their owners. Horses have long memories and they develop special bonds with their owners. They remember all the good things that their owners do for them and get build a special bond with them. If their owners are not around for a long time, they start missing them.

But, this is not all as horses have long memories, they also remember people who have harmed or abused them. However, they don’t harm them back. The bottom line is that horses do miss their owners and build a connection with their owners.

What is the most popular horse name?

There are a lot of common horse names that people usually go with. But, there are some names that are more popular than the others. If we talk about the most popular horse name, there are two names that come to mind, Jasper and Bella. These are the most popular horse names in the world.

What is the oldest horse ever recorded?

There are several horses that have lived a long life. But, if we talk about the oldest horse ever recorded, there is one name that comes to our mind and that is Old Billy. Old Billy (aka Billy) was 62 at the time of its death. Billy was born in England in the year 1760 and lived a long life as a barge horse. It is the oldest horse that is in the record. As a tribute, its skull resides in the Manchester Museum. There is also a portrait of Old Billy in the Warrington Museum and Art Gallery.