Scapular Retraction Exercises | 5 Easy & Simple Exercises

Scapular retraction is a movement that can strengthen your shoulder blades. People whose work needs a lot of typing, they need to reach for the keyboard all day long. The forward shoulder posture that one stays in most of the day could lead to some tension in your shoulder blades. Well, there are some very easy and simple ways for scapular retraction. To begin with, you can try out scapular retraction exercises at home. These scapular exercises can help you deal with the problem. Let’s have a look at them.

Scapular Retraction Exercises | 5 Easy & Simple Exercises:

  • Hooklying Reverse Presses

This is one of the most effective scapular retraction exercises. It helps engage the muscles that help in the retraction of shoulder blades. This is a basic exercise, and you should do 2-3 sets daily.

  • Seated Cable Rows

This is an exercise that would target your shoulder blades as well as your back. Most of the people do it in the gym on a back day without realizing that it helps targets their shoulder region as well. Though shoulder retraction is not its primary function, it does help.

  • Single-Arm Dumbell Rows

Another exercise for the back muscle that helps in shoulder retraction. It is also not a dedicated shoulder retraction exercise but helps in it. Since the back muscle is attached to the shoulder muscles and the shoulder blades as well, most of the back exercises help in it.

  • Barbell Rows

This exercise can help you stretch your shoulder blades to the maximum, which makes it one of the best shoulder retraction exercises. But, the important part here is that you should not add any heavy-weights on the barbell. You focus here is not to lift weight but to retract the shoulder blades.

Scapular Retraction Exercises 5 Easy Simple Exercises

  • Standing Scapular Retractions

It is an effective exercise as you would be standing straight while doing it, and it focuses solely on your shoulder blades. You can easily do this exercise at home as well.

Well, these are some shoulder retraction exercises that you can try if you feel stress in your shoulder blades due to work. Even a wrong sleeping position can lead to some issues. But, no matter what the reason be, these shoulder retractors are effective. That being said, you can try these exercises daily even if you are not feeling any strain on your shoulders. These are simple exercises that stretch your joints and muscles. But, make sure you don’t overdo anything.