Semen Retention Benefits | 3 Most Impressive Benefits

Years and years of civilization and human sexuality still intrigues us. The process of procreation which looks pretty simple on the surface surprisingly holds various thought-provoking concepts at its roots. One such concept is that of sperm retention.

Sperm retention was first described centuries ago by Chinese Taoists as a practice to enhance the overall energy of men. It is exactly what its name suggests, the retention of semen by avoiding ejaculation. This can be done by complete sexual abstinence or orgasming without releasing the ejaculate.

Sperm Retention Theory

Biologically, sperm contains several beneficial minerals, enzymes, nutrients, and proteins. Due to which it takes a significant amount of energy for the body to replenish the ejaculate every time it is released. That can be explained by the hunger and weakness that you experience after coming.

Apart from that, the spiritual power of sperm keeps your spiritual energy in perfect alignment, leading to a better mental state. So obviously, masturbating frequently makes your body expel more and more energy into replenishing your sperm reserves. This, in turn, disbalances your overall health.

Research shows that the body begins to reabsorb the elements of the ejaculation just after two weeks of sperm retention. And you experience various semen retention benefits like improved skin, more energy, better hair growth, increased focus, etc. Related: What Happens If We Release Sperm Daily

Semen Retention Benefits

There has been a lot of research on this topic which validates the sperm retention theory. Below are a few proven benefits of sperm retention.

Improved Stamina

Since semen retention is all about control, it ultimately works to improve your sexual response. Practicing it regularly can help you to last longer without losing on the stimulation. This is one of the most sought after semen retention benefits.

Semen Retention Benefits 3 Most Impressive Benefits

More Orgasms

Semen retention does not prevent you from enjoying the fruit of your sexual energy. You still have orgasms. But as you learn to orgasm without ejaculating, you are likely to experience multiple orgasms during a single session since you are not losing energy.

High Energy

By doing sperm retention, you are freeing your body from the frequent task of restocking your sperm. This saved energy is then used by the body is activities like rebuilding your muscles and keeping you in high energy mode.

The internet is overflowing with the pros and cons of sperm retention. But given the many semen retention benefits, it is something worth considering if you are looking for more vitality in your life.