Signs a Man Is Falling in Love with a Woman | 6 Common Signs

Love is an incredible feeling that stems from your heart. Men and women develop a desire for one another. You can never actually tell what someone else feels for you. The only thing you can be sure of is how you act towards the person. These are signs a man is falling in love with a woman.

6 Common Signs a Man Is Falling in Love with a Woman:

  • He gets real with you

A man who is in love with you tends to show his true self. He shares stories about himself. He wants you to know everything about him. When a man feels comfortable with you, he tells his deepest secrets, future plans, and struggles. He won’t be afraid to say the truth.

  • He wants you to meet his family

Family is something very special to a man. Whether it’s his mum, dad or siblings, meeting his family is some type of sacred activity. You know he holds you in high esteem if he takes you to his parents. His eagerness to introduce you to the people in life shows that he is in love with you.

  • He introduces you to his friends

A man who shows you to his friends wants to hold himself accountable. He wants to show them who he’s with. If he’s not really into you, he won’t let them meet you.

  • He wants to make you happy

If he’s doing all he can to make you smile, it’s one of the signs a man is falling in love with a woman. A man who loves you would notice when you are sad and will try to make you happy. Whenever you need help and call on him, he will respond with joy. He wants to make things easier for you because he is attracted to you.

  • He’s always there for you

If he’s always available, it seems he’s in love. People usually make out time for those who are special to them. Anytime you call or text him and he replies almost immediately, you’ve got a keeper. If you notice that he contacts you more often, it’s because he’s thinking of you all the time.

  • He talks about the future

Another of the signs a man is falling in love with a woman is if he discusses the future with you. A man who sees a future with a woman would include her in his future plans. Better still, he asks what dreams you have so he can match it with his.