Text Conversation Starters | A Couple Simple & Quick Tips

You want to start a conversation with someone via text but you are unsure of what to say. Either way, you can just start with a hi, but once the person replies with a hello, you get stuck for ideas.  This is very common especially when you don’t have something to discuss with the person. Sometimes you need to start a conversation when there’s nothing to converse about. Here are a few tips about text conversation starters.

Simple Text Conversation Starters

  • Do you know…?

Questions that can easily be answered can pass as text conversation starters. You can ask if the person knows about someone or something. For example, do you know that celebrity? or do you know that author’s latest book? Do you know the answer to this trivia? Do you know my birthday? Do you know your cousin’s boyfriend? Do you know the latest hit single by this artiste? Do you know how to dance? Do you know how to play this sport? There are so many questions in this category. Whatever answers your friend gives, you can ask more in depth questions to understand what they think.

  • Where are you from?

This shows that you are interested in the person. You can ask where the individual is from, how the place is like and why they love the place. You could ask where they live or previous places they’ve been to. People love to talk about places and compare things such as environment, weather and public behavior. You can also talk about the places you grew up in and where you live.

  • What is that?

It’s quite easy to ask about things. Your friend may take a picture while wearing a cool but new accessory.  You can send a text asking what that is called and how you can get it. It could be a trendy gadget that you’re seeing for the first time. You can ask questions about it. The person can even explain how it works and why they are using it. This may convince you to get something similar. Read: How to Start a Text Conversation with a Girl | 5 Simple Tips

Text Conversation Starters | A Couple Simple & Quick Tips

  • How did your day go?

There’s something about each day that can serve as text conversation starters. It comes with both blessings and troubles. Depending on your perspective, every day is unique. You can ask about what happened to a person. Whether good or bad, seek to know more. If it was a nice experience, be happy for the person. If it was awful, cheer your friend up and let him or her know that there are better days ahead.