Texts to Make Her Melt | A Couple Quick Tips for You

Women love to feel loved and appreciated by their men. It’s part of their mindset. While a man weighs a lot on touch, women want to be told how amazing and special they are. Even if you haven’t met her before especially during online dating, you can use text to make her feel good. This is also useful in long-distance relationships where you constantly need to keep the communication alive. Below are some tips to help with texts to make her melt.

Texts to Make Her Melt

  • Tell her she’s beautiful

Whether you’ve met her before or it’s just her pictures, it’s imperative for you to let her know how beautiful she is. This is why you should send in texts to make her melt. Although women hear this all the time, they apparently don’t get tired of hearing it. You should note that she wants you to assure her of the fact that you still find her beautiful and good-looking. A lot of guys fail to do this when in a relationship and it’s not good because she begins to doubt if you are still attracted to her best features. Read: How to Know If a Girl Is Interested in You | 6 Simple Tips

  • Remember what she likes

You ought to have known everything about her including what she likes. Everyone has their own taste in things. She may like coffee but not tea and she might not want brandy but like whiskey and he may enjoy a particular type of ice cream and she might wear only clothes from a specific brand. These are things you should find out then use to surprise her at a later time when she might have forgotten that she mentioned it to you.

  • Ask if you can call her

If you have been texting for quite a lot of time, you can ask to call her. She will be excited and will mostly say yes. However, you should make sure she trusts you enough to give you her phone number. A phone call helps a woman bond with a guy more. There’s a thing about a male’s voice that makes a woman feel nice. So you shouldn’t be afraid to put a call across to her. If you can engage in an interesting phone conversation with her, she may even call you the next time. Read: What to Talk About with a Girl | Topics to Talk About with a Girl

  • Appreciate her values

There’s a lot of ideas about texts to make her melt. An example of this is her values. You should accept what she values. Even though you don’t see the point of it, understand that these values define her as a person. So you should appreciate them and not try to talk her out of it.