What Do Men Want in a Relationship | 5 Quick Tips

Underneath those alpha traits, men are actually easy beings. You might have been in relationships already but, still clueless about what men want. It’s quite tricky because men do not really say what they want, unlike women who are visibly vocal about what they want. It’s useful to get answers to “what do men want in a relationship?”. Below are some things that men crave for in a relationship.

What Do Men Want in a Relationship

  • Emotional intimacy

A man wants to be emotionally intimate with his woman. Its importance cannot be underestimated. If your man isn’t telling you deep secrets and letting you into his troubles, it means that something is wrong somewhere. He needs to see you as a safe haven in order for the relationship to blossom. Similarly, you should open up to him about what bothers you.

  • Communication

The ability to communicate effectively in a relationship will keep it going. Actually, both men and women want to talk to their significant other frequently. You will realize that the more you communicate with him, the more the relationship grows. If you don’t tell him things, he won’t know what’s wrong or how to address your issues. You should also give him a listening ear every time he has something to say.

  • Physical intimacy

As you may already know, a man wants to be physically intimate with his partner. It’s likely the first thing that pops up in your mind when you ask “what do men want in a relationship?”. Being intimate makes him feel loved and wanted. If you see physical intimacy as a big deal, you may be shocked to see him leave. While some men are different from the rest, it isn’t just about sex. Simple romantic gestures like kissing, hugging and touching go a long way too. Read: How to Attract a Man Physically | 5 Quick & Simple Tips

  • Maturity

It’s important to note that you have to be mature enough to understand how to keep a relationship going. No matter how old you are, if you can’t show maturity when issues arise, your partner will get turned off. You should know how to control anger, jealousy, insecurity, and menace whenever they arise. Dealing with conflicts sensibly makes a man stick to you.

What Do Men Want in a Relationship | 5 Quick Tips

  • Space

Space and freedom are hints to the question “what do men want in a relationship?”. A man wants to be with a woman who can give him breathing space. You shouldn’t cling to him all the time. This shows how needy you are and pushes him further from you. Give him space to hang out with the guys, travel and chase his dreams. You are his safe haven so no matter how far he goes, he will come back to you. He will appreciate you for being supportive and understanding.