What to Do If Someone Is Having a Seizure

If a person is experiencing a seizure, it could be a truly horrific experience for them. As during the episode, there is a sudden interruption in the brain which leads to severe damage. Usually, a seizure doesn’t lead to permanent damage to the body but it also depends on the severity. Now, the question arises, what to do if someone is having a seizure? As your little help can possibly save the life of someone close to you. Before moving forward with how you can help someone having a seizure, let’s learn about the signs.

Most Common Signs of a Seizure

When someone is having an attack, you can know it by seeing the following symptoms:

  • The person becomes unresponsive and may suddenly collapse on the floor.
  • The person’s body becomes stiffs and their muscles clenches.
  • Their body suddenly starts jerking for several minutes.

What to Do If Someone Is Having a Seizure?

You identify the signs of seizure from the symptoms mentioned above. Now you must know how to keep them stable till the help arrives.

Do Not Crowd the Area

If someone is having a seizure, they are probably having a hard time breathing. So, crowding the area will definitely make things worse for them. Also, do not try to hold them down forcefully, this might make things even worse. Read: How to Stop a Heart Attack Immediately

Clear Any Dangerous Objects near Them

During an episode, the person’s body starts shaking and they might hit their head with the corner of a bed or table. So, try to make as much space as possible around them.

Do Not Put Anything in Their Mouth

Many people believe that during an attack, a person can swallow their tongue. But that is not the case here so, do not try to put anything in their mouth as they might hurt your hand.

What to Do If Someone Is Having a Seizure | 5 Quick Tips

Note the Time Period of the Seizure

By doing so, you can help the doctor to analyze their situation more accurately. The doctor will understand the severity of the persona and will give them medicine according to the duration of the episode. Read more: What to Do When Blood Sugar Is High?

Roll Them to on Their Side

This is will help them to breathe properly and after the seizure ends this help them in regaining their breathing pattern quickly.


We hope you have learned what to do if someone is having a seizure near you. You can even apply these methods to save yourself if you have a seizure alone.