When He Pulls Away Should I Do the Same? | 3 Simple Tips

One often hears the common misconception that once the guy has won over your heart, he gets tired and moves onto the next target. It is not valid for the majority of the men. However, the main reason for a guy pulling away from the girl is because the girl CHANGES. Sound familiar? Well, it isn’t, and it is the truth when your boyfriend pulls away. So girls when he pulls away should I do the same? What are the three things to do when he pulls away?

  1. Don’t Freak Out

It is usual for a guy to back away, give him some space and don’t make him feel guilty about it. Men may ‘drift away’ because of something that you have done, but just let him be! Just because a man back away doesn’t mean that he wants to break off with you. He’s not angry with you; he is just testing your reaction. So ladies, when he pulls away should I do the same?

The best way is to accept it and do not chase him. Do not confront him and give him an inadequate response because you will only push him farther. You have to provide him with the freedom to figure out his feelings for you. If he is your man, you have to accept his isolating moods! They happen all the time, even if you marry him! Read: How To Be Irresistible To Men: 10+ Tips To Level Up Your Feminine

  1. Stop Chasing Him

Most women make a mistake on fixing the problem, which the solution is to stop chasing him and letting a bit of tension build from you. So when he pulls away should I do the same? No! Let him be!

Guys want things to be tense so that when he comes back the second round, he has to win your approval. This guy needs to be poked a little bit again, like what he is doing to you now – hurting you by backing away. If you chase him and try to “fix” it, he will not appreciate you.

When He Pulls Away Should I Do the Same 3 Simple Tips

  1. When the Guy Return, Give Him Positive Reinforcement

Another mistake that women make is when the man comes back, they lash out and bite and make the man feel terrible that he hurt her bad when he backed away. As you can imagine, the guy doesn’t like it. When he comes back from backing away, he works doubly hard to get your attention again; they want positive reinforcement. Tell them that you are happy to hear from them instead of lashing out. That shows him that you have high control over your emotions. Be assertive. Read more: How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You? | 4 Easy and Quick Tips

So everyone, when he pulls away should I do the same? Pull back a little, but give him positive reinforcement when he comes back to you. Make sure that you have self-respect with the guy, and make sure the guy feels the same. Make him chase you over and over again and make yourself irresistible by reading his mind!