Why Do Guys Pull Away Before They Commit | Top 3 Reasons

Everything is as beautiful as a fairy tale. You feel that he is your soul mate, and he will always stay with you forever. Suddenly he begins to get distant. He pulls away, and you go mad. This happens all the time, in all relationships. What do men want in a relationship? What should you do from stopping your man from pulling away?

Why Men Pull Away?

21st-century dating rules make it hard to find a man who can commit. Women need to understand that not every man they meet have the same core values as themselves, and it is better than the woman is self-assured and knows what she wants in a relationship. If the woman is self-assured, it will become easy to tell if the man wants to be in a relationship or not. Below are the reasons why do guys pull away before they commit. Related: How Can I Be More Confident? Easy Self Confidence Tips To Learn

Top 3 Reasons Why Do Guys Pull Away Before They Commit:

  1. He Doesn’t Want to Give You His Current Freedom

There are many benefits in committing to a relationship. There is also a lot to sacrifice along with it. That is why do guys pull away before they commit. The minute he invests, his time is spent giving to the girl. The prospect of giving up all his single time will lead to him having a panic rush. He wants to have the option of being able to do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

  1. He is a Player

This guy is seeking out to push your buttons. He is a player, and he knows the game well. When Jenny begins to commit to him, he suddenly pulls away, and Jenny proposes to him out of panic. He then rejects her and leaves her, pleased. Jenny now knows the reason why do guys pull away before they commit. Jenny manages to move on after five years. Luckily she manages to settle down with another guy.

  1. Being Committed Drowns the Guy in a Whirlpool of Emotions

Men do not like to be in a whirlpool of emotions that getting into a relationship will bring them upon. Since they cant navigate emotions like women, sometimes they need to take a step back and wonder what would be the next move. Read more: How to Fix a Broken Marriage Without Counseling? 40+ Tips That Work

Why Do Guys Pull Away Before They Commit | Top 3 Reasons

They head for a time-out. Any unknown emotions will lead them to panic. This is why do guys pull away before they commit. So what do you do now? Right when the guy pulls away before committing, let him be. There are problems that he needs to think it out himself. We try to fix the problems, but we need to back off and give him space. Respect his need for space. He will respect you for giving him space to rebound back!