Why Men Pull Away | 3 Reasons Why Do Men Pull Away & What to Do

There are many reasons why men pull away. As a higher-value woman, when he does, we do so too. I will explain to you later why we need to pull away. Below are the reasons why men pull away.

It is such a common trend in the 21st century of dating. Men find it hard to commit to a woman. Many sources hinder commitment and women that are not being real to what they want. Men who pull away are often in situations where they are playing games with the woman’s feelings.

Reasons Why Do Men Pull Away:

Tip 1: They Don’t Want to Be in a Relationship

If the guy doesn’t want to be in a relationship and wants to be temporarily single, you need to honor his words and pull away. If he says that he wants to see where things go, it is a famous one-liner. The answer is not committed, so why does the guy want to commit to you. This means he wants to distract you from the truth while he gets to enjoy pleasure.

It is also challenging for you to find the answer closer to your goal is. It might seem more comfortable if you understand it. This might mean that the reason why men pull away is that he is not into a relationship yet. Read more: Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy: Which Flirty Question Will You Choose?

Tip 2: Signs You Are Dealing with a Player

There are two types of woman, a high-value woman and a low-valued woman. We all meet players. The difference is if we date them when we see the red flags or we dump them. Some want the thrill of the chase and gets bored fast. Players fool women and play with their feelings, and that’s why men pull away. This man is a snake. However, he is really into you right from the start, and you begin to start thinking that he is fantastic. In the end, it fizzles out as fast as it started.

Why Men Pull Away | 3 Reasons Why Do Men Pull Away & What to Do

Tip 3: They Are Not That into You

When we value ourselves so highly, and we get rejected, we feel a blow to self-esteem. There are two reasons for this. They have no interest in you and don’t want to hurt your feelings, or you fell in love too quickly, and they do not have the fun of chasing the “prize”.

Another reason why men pull away because he loses interests:

  1. They do not share the same vision with you.
  2. The values are not aligned.
  3. The woman does not meet her goals in the relationship.
  4. You become clingy, and they lose attraction for the girl.

What To Do When Men Pull Away

If your boyfriend is pulling away, you start to pull away too. Do not contact him and reflect on the things that you learned in the relationship and try to meet your personal goals. This is why men pull away, and thanks for reading my article!